Historic House Specialist Course

We are excited to host the 7th realtor training this year!

Realtor Training is a San Antonio Board of Realtors registered course hosted by the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation. This is our 7th realtor training and we have certified over 215 Historic House Special-ists! The purpose is to educate realtors to learn how to assist their clients to maximize on the potential and opportunities of owning an historic property in San Antonio. The objective of the annual seminar is to further the skills of San Antonio-area Realtors, in order that they may increase their understanding, promoting, and protecting of San Antonio’s historic homes and districts and introduce them to available resources and City processes for owners, including events, incentives, information, and networking opportunities.

The course will provide instruction on the Historic & Design Review Commission and permit process, learning what’s new in San Antonio, what resources are available to realtors and their clients, information about schools and services serving historic districts, and tips for marketing a historic home. The course will also cover how to finance a historic home and highlight some of the benefits of owning an historic property. At the end, agents will receive 6 MCE hours, though we do open the course up to the public. At the end we try to schedule a tour of a historic structure so that you can put your new knowledge to the test.

February 14, 2017
115 Plaza de Armas
Register with SABOR
Check our Facebook event for more updates!

This year, we have the following sponsors to thank!

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