S.T.A.R Visits the Mission Historic District and Dignowity Hill.

star-spring-2016-group-picAs 2016 comes to a close, Students Together Achieving Revitalization (S.T.A.R) celebrates the end of its sixth year as a powerful OHP educational initiative. Since 2010, when the initiative was launched as a pilot for the property at 934 Dawson in the Dignowity Hill Historic District, over 110 homes throughout San Antonio’s 27 historic districts have received assistance and over 1,000 student volunteers have participated in the program. This unique hands-on learning experience provides an opportunity to assist homeowners with labor intensive and costly repairs, and serves as a proactive approach to arrest deterioration and promote reinvestment in historic districts.

In 2016, S.T.A.R. provided assistance to eight (8) homes located within the Mission Historic District and the Dignowity Hill Historic District. 80 Students from San Antonio College and UTSA volunteered their time to learn new skills such as wood window restoration, how to re-build wood screens and how to install new wood siding. Student volunteers not only learned new skills but also learned about best preservation practices from three professional contractors who also donated their time to this program. Contractors include Victor Salas with ARTchitectural Interiors, Adam Ochoa with AO Design, Spawglass and Guy Chipman Construction.

The homeowners were also very involved and took part in engaging the volunteers and assisting with the repairs that were being made to their homes. Each S.T.A.R event was filled with smiles, happy homeowners and energetic volunteers all weekend long, which certainly translates to success. We will be returning to the Mission Historic District in the spring of 2017 and look forward to continuing the S.T.A.R program.

img_9651 403 Lamar – Before (above) and After (below)
607 Burnet – Mr. Walter Bowman stands proudly in front of his home as Victor Salas instructs student volunteers how to repair wood windows.
607 Burnet – The finished product. Students from San Antonio College pose with Mr. Bowman.



(Top to Bottom: Students make porch repairs to 9518 Espada Rd.; Students restore wood windows in Dignowity Hill.; Students work to repair damaged fascia and soffit boards at 3238 Mission Rd.; 519 Hansford, Spawglass sponsored the house and assisted student volunteers with the repairs.)


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