Youth Preservation Education Program

We partnered with two schools this Preservation Month, as part of our Preservation Education initiative. At New Frontiers Charter School in District 3, students, parents, and partners took This Place Matters Photos with places and people that are important to them, which resulted in a spectacular collection of portraits. This collection was displayed at the Festival of the Arts: Family, Community Culture event at the school one Friday night, at which student groups performed poetry readings and songs.

At Sarah King Elementary in District 5, students, parents, and partners utilized a mobile link created by the Office of Historic Preservation’s initiative ScoutSA. ScoutSA is a call to the community to explore, discover and celebrate the many places, people and traditions that represent the distinctive character of San Antonio. Through the initiative we work to identify, inventory, and document potential historic sites all across the city. The entries collected with this link were displayed at the event, Spirit of Sarah King: Festival of the Arts. At the event, families were proud to see the places and people identified by their students.

Our objective is to bring the Preservation Education Program to more schools and engage more students in San Antonio. If you are interested in learning more about the Preservation Education Program or would like to bring this activity to your school, please contact staff.


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