This Place Matters: Beyond Preservation Month

Once again OHP kicked off Preservation Month with annual support from our city leaders in 2016’s This Place Matters campaign. Our City Council members as well as the City Manager and Mayor Taylor took photos at each of our five Spanish colonial missions, which are now World Heritage Sites. You can see their photos here.

This Place Matters isn’t a campaign specific to San Antonio. The National Trust for Historic Preservation started the campaign to highlight places across our country that all individuals find special. Whether that place is a famous Richardsonian Romanesque brewery built in 1890 or a Craftsman Bungalow built in 1940, they each can be highlighted through This Place Matters. A continued effort to showcase all of San Antonio’s architectural, cultural and historical sites will work toward actively preserving each of them for generations to come as well as pinpoint important sites for the Office of Historic Preservation.

Preservation Month only lasts the month of May each year, but preservation itself is a year round task that we are all responsible for. What better way to remind ourselves and spread the word to others about historic preservation than continuing to take This Place Matters photos year round?


Be sure to upload your photos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag your photo #SAPreservation and #ThisPlaceMatters and follow us at @sapreservation.


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