Quick Tips for Real Estate Agents!

Look here on our blog, SApreservation Stories, for quick tips on how to buy and sell historic properties. First tip! How do I know if my property is historic? If your property has already been designated historic, then the zoning code will include a H, HS, HE, or HL. If the zoning code includes a … Continue reading Quick Tips for Real Estate Agents!


Power of Preservation PROM 2017

The Power of Preservation Foundation (PoP) held the sixth annual Preservation PROMenade at the Villita Assembly Hall on Thursday, October 26. More than 500 PROM guests were treated to catering by Chef Jason Dady and music by returning DJ Steven Lee Moya, and were greeted by the Central Catholic High School drum line as well … Continue reading Power of Preservation PROM 2017

Preserve the Historic Tax Credit

A message from Shanon Shea Miller, Director City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation On Thursday, November 2, 2017, lawmakers introduced a tax reform bill that eliminates the HTC, a program established in 1981 that has since been used to rehabilitate more than 40,000 structures and channel $130 million in private investment. In November … Continue reading Preserve the Historic Tax Credit

Surveying Sacred Spaces on the Eastside

“The cornerstone of the East Side” is how historian Kenneth Mason describes the Baptist church, underlining its importance in establishing and building San Antonio’s black community after the Civil War. In fact, this area was initially called the “Baptist Settlement” because of the density of these institutions. This spring, City Council District 2 and the … Continue reading Surveying Sacred Spaces on the Eastside